Tabletop Tavern


The Tabletop Tavern is an eclectic group of gamers from all walks of life. We came together over our love for games and decided to launch this epic Pathfinder campaign and deliver it to you, the audience, through a live stream, Youtube video as well as podcast form.

Our campaign airs every Sunday night from 9:00 PM ET until Midnight ET. The Podcast and Youtube content are published by the Friday of the week the live broadcast aired.

Being streamers, our primary love is interacting with our community, making new friends and providing fun things as thank you’s for your support.

From the bottom of our hearts, We would love to welcome you into the Tabletop Tavern and we hope you enjoy the adventure.



Twitch Streamer, Mechwarrior Pilot, Animal Advocate and master of MS Paint.



Dungeon Master

New England based Nerd, Tattooed  I.T.  Rock Star and lover of all things food.



Social worker by day. Mom, knitter, and gamer by afternoon.  Competitive sleeper at night.



Streamer, entrepreneur and musician. From Nova Scotia, games enthusiast and amateur developer.


Gunner Ragnarson

Twitch Streamer, Competitive Mechwarrior Pilot, gym enthusiast and a wish to make people smile and laugh.