Streamlabs OBS adds Face Masks in newest release.

Twitch Streamer Tools, Streamlabs OBS adds Face Masks.

I must have missed it in the patch notes. Who Am I kidding?  I didn’t read them. Well, maybe I should going forward. It appears  Streamlabs OBS adds Face masks to its newest release.

I rely on the gaming career channel for a lot of tips, tricks, and solid information and if you check out the below guide on Streamlabs OBS adds Face masks and the setup process, you can see how easy it is to do.

Streamlabs OBS Adds Face Masks in Recent Release

Gimmick or Solid new Tool?

Full disclosure: I watched the video and set the face masks up remotely from work. I haven’t gone home yet and had a chance to test them out. I’m not filled with much hope for it working for me though. You see, I have a glorious beard. A beard,  which in the past, made the program Face Changer bug out and unable to work for me. It kept on getting confused where my jaw line was because of the beard.

Streamlabs OBS adds Face masks , but in limited quantity. The way it works is kind of odd as well. The different Face masks have different rarities. With some of the funnier ones (Teabag) listed as legendary and (calculated, Hot Dogs, and  golden gods) being rare. What you have to do starting out is (when making a donation) roll for one randomly. Once this is done and the system selects one, then it is unlocked for you permanently.

I’ll update everyone on how it works once I get home and get some testing in. for now, Please go and support the gaming careers channel as he offers a lot of good information for new and experienced Twitch streamers.

This will offer a completely new  level of interaction with your audience. I for one, can’t wait to get Tea bagged after I get owned in game.

Streamlabs ODS adds facemaks with different rarities.


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