About Us

MikeMuck1 of Howinerd.tv

Mike Hanson


Mikemuck1 is an old school gamer who tends to enjoy competitive online play (not that he’s any good) and exploring RPG’s. I.T. rock star by day and tattooed gamer nerd by night. With 40 hours into tattoo’s he is working on completing his nerdy sleeve which includes Spawn, the Alex Ross Batman and Venom.

Current Favorite Games – lord of the Rings Online, Star Citizen,  League of legends , Skyrim.

Favorite game of all time: Ultima Online.

Favorite Convention: PAX East.

Skrewbacca of Howinerd.tv

George Arauz


Skrewbacca is a former Marine (well, I guess he still is once a Marine, always a Marine). An avid gamer, YouTube content creator and the  HowINerd Youtube Admin. George will primarily focus on retro and spotlighting smaller indie games. The 5 foot nothing ball of energy is sarcastic, quick witted and overall a solid dude.

Current Favorite Games – Breath of the Wild

Favorite game of all time – Super Ghouls n Ghosts

Favorite convention: PAX East

Nazrac of Howinerd.TV

Lou Ciano


Nazrac is all over the board when it comes to gaming. A PC Gamer, former CounterStrike and FFXI addict, he still plays a variety of games from retro to indie, to cutting edge. Having worked in the arcade and pinball industry for many years, has made him love and appreciate emulation and gaming technology even more. When not riding his Harley he heavily dives into his Oculus Rift recently won PAX East consecutive Tournaments for RoboRecall.

Current Favorite Games – Unturned, RoboRecall (Oculus), In Death (Oculus)

Favorite game of all time: Metroid (NES)

Favorite Convention: PAX East

Who and what is How I Nerd?

HowINerd, is exactly that. It’s us, showcasing different ways we nerd out. We are a group of like minded people with the team goal of putting out quality and enjoyable content. From live streaming, fireside talks, as well as gaming convention coverage. We are excited to show you how we fly our nerd flag high. The team is rowdy, loves having fun and enjoys meeting and interacting with new people. This is a project of passion. It’s a team based project where we have different people streaming on different days as well as collaborative content. So stay a while, get to know us and enjoy the show.